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Brian Cohen, Guitar Maker

I became a professional guitar maker in 1972, and am now the longest-established independant classical guitar maker in the UK. As well as classical guitars I make many other types, including flamenco, requinto, multi-string, steel string 'acoustic' guitars, archtop Jazz, as well as historic reconstructions. 'Special commissions' are welcomed. (Member of the Crafts Council Selected Index.)

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Instruments for Sale

I do have some guitars in stock for sale: some new, some pre-owned older master guitars and some rare antique guitars too- enquire please. I also look to buy outright fine master guitars- contact me with what you have for sale please.

'Gerundino': Gerundino Fernandez, Almeria, 1970. Flamenco guitar

A good and interesting flamenco guitar from the studio of this sought-after and renowned maker, and one from the best period ie 1970. Paco Pena for example being one of many who use a guitar by this maker, and it is his declared 'favourite' guitar. Traditonal Peg head, with the correct stamp 'G' on the back of the headstock, which indicates this is a genuine guitar made by the maker himself. Very light, labelled, signed and dated, and stamped on the top block, and also on the back and bars. Full width transparent golpe, a replacement. Back and sides of Cypress with the very rare cedar top option. Neck of Spanish cedar, ebony fingerboard. Two independant experts on Gerundino have confirmed that this is a genuine guitar, the label is correct, and the internal stamps are correct, and it bears many hallmarks and typical signs of the maker. The guitar has never been 'opened'. This guitar plays as well as any I have ever heard.


All flamenco guitars if they have been played well are 'worn': that is the nature of the art. This one is no exception. However, it has had few repairs, which include a minor chip on the headstock, regluing of a loose back bar ( edge only) and one upper harmonic bar reglued and strengthened internally. The fingerboard has also been replaced, the original was very worn indeed, and the guitar re-fretted. The action is now perfect. A small table crack 3 cms long has been repaired, and cleated internally.It is in largely original condition, and quite exceptional for that. There are some nail marks and string marks on the table, and some dents, but all very shallow, ribs and back are almost unblemished- with signs of heavy use to the golpe area- the neck is worn, with some indentations from a capo, but the original finish is perfectly useable as it is, and requires no further attention. There are no cracks on the ribs or back of this guitar. The pegs are new, and the peg holes have been bushed and pegs refitted, so tuning is very smooth and precise.

'CITES' not required for this one, but for import into the USA, the Lacey Declaration must be completed, which I will provide to accompany this guitar.

This guitar has been in the original private owners' hands for a very long time, and has remained unplayed for a long time. A good example and could be described as 'tener duende'.

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YouTube Video link: HERE (This is my first ever YouTube video done on 16th October 2012, will try to do better in future and even get some lessons too!)

Due to the wear, use and condition of this guitar a personal viewing and trial is recommended, by appointment.



Enquire. Sale includes a case.
Price excludes freight, taxes etc. and VAT ( VAT zero rated if exported from EC, packing free, freight charged at cost- (ParcelForce, FedEx, or UPS)
The guitar can be sent out for approval, for a 48 -hour period after receipt. However, all freight charges, inwards and outwards, must be borne by the client, import duties may be levied in some countries, and for the USA the 'Lacey Declaration' has to be complete in addition to any CITES permit needed. Payment must be in full in advance, and evidence provided of insurance for the journey. For these additional services, a charge will be made. Funds will be refunded in full, provided the guitar arrives back in the shop in the same condition as when it left. If these conditions are not met, then the guitar will be considered 'Sold'.

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