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Brian Cohen, Guitar Maker

I became a professional guitar maker in 1972, and am now the longest-established independant classical guitar maker in the UK. As well as classical guitars I make many other types, including flamenco, requinto, multi-string, steel string 'acoustic' guitars, archtop Jazz, as well as historic reconstructions. 'Special commissions' are welcomed. (Member of the Crafts Council Selected Index.)

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Instruments for Sale

I do have some guitars in stock for sale: some new, some pre-owned older master guitars and some rare antique guitars too- enquire please. I also look to buy outright fine master guitars- contact me with what you have for sale please.

Brian Cohen, 2012. 000-42 Eric Clapton model style 'acoustic guitar' steel string.

This guitar was made during 2012 specially for the Oscar winning documentary film, 'Searching for Sugarman': While Sugarman never played one of my guitars, as far as I know, there was also a documentary made by the same film makers on detailed background, and the guitar was commissioned by them to support this. It does appear in this support documentary. In 'as new' condition, and sold with my 'lifetime warrantee'. The wood used for the body is commonly known as Guixava, (or 'Micropholus Gardnerianum' for the scholarly) and is akin to a maple in tonal qualities and working qualities- it has a natural beautiful cinnamon hue, and is a fine tonewood to use for guitars.The table is made of matured European spruce, while the neck is of mahogany, with the original type Martin V join with internal tongue. Very difficult to cut and fit, but very strong when executed well. Triangular neck section akin to early Martin guitars Tuners are Sperzel, USA. Edge bindings in slab cut lacewood, with a unique handmade mosaic rosette. The guitar does not yet have a tap plate, and this will be fitted to client taste when sold, ditto endpin. An internal pickup could be fitted as well. An internally adjustable double truss rod is fitted, and fret markers can be fitted if required at no extra cost. Internally it is the typical 'X' brace system but tweaked with benefit of extensive knowledge I put to work in my classical guitars, of which over 500 examples have been made to date. This renders the basses very round and sweet, with an even balanced tone right the way up the fingerboard. Currently set up with light gauge strings. Bridge pins in white, with m.o.p. dots. Clear rich tone, with exceptional note separation and good projection.

Condition: New

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Price: 4200

Sale includes Hiscox Pro-11 case and any CITES permit needed. ( to check as the rules change quite often)
Price excludes carriage charges, handling, local import taxes etc.
VAT: I am no longer am registered for VAT, therefore no VAT is due.
Terms of sale: All freight charges must be borne by the client, import duties may be levied in some countries also to be paid by the client, and for the USA we will complete and provide the 'Lacey Declaration' at no extra charge, in addition to any CITES permit needed ,( included for export,) but an import CITES may also be needed, at clients cost. Payment must be in full in advance, and evidence provided of full insurance cover for the journey. Please contact me if you wish to try this guitar, and for overseas clients, I am happy to arrange transport and accommodation during your stay to facilitate your visit in person.

Opening times and all contact details, directions etc. on our 'Contact' page. Visitors welcomed, but strictly by appointment only.