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Brian Cohen, Guitar Maker

I became a professional guitar maker in 1972, and am now the longest-established independant classical guitar maker in the UK. As well as classical guitars I make many other types, including flamenco, requinto, multi-string, steel string 'acoustic' guitars, archtop Jazz, as well as historic reconstructions. 'Special commissions' are welcomed. (Member of the Crafts Council Selected Index.)

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Instruments for Sale

I do have some guitars in stock for sale: some new, some pre-owned older master guitars and some rare antique guitars too- enquire please. I also look to buy outright fine master guitars- contact me with what you have for sale please.

We also have a new dedicated website, SoundAntiques linked also at top of this page, for special and rare antique instruments of various types. Please do visit and have a look

Guitars for Sale, July, 2018

Private Treaty sales: We now offer for sale via 'Private Treaty' various selected instruments, and these are indicated as such in each category stock list. We are actively looking for high quality instruments for clients, and this scheme may be the ideal way to bring buyers and sellers together: click Here for Terms and Conditions

  • I. Fleta, 1970: *RESERVED FOR CLIENT* A fine and original example of this great maker's work, from my own collection. For details click HERE

  • Rene Lacote: C 1830 A fine and very rare Rene Lacote, correctly labelled, in fully playable 'concert' condition. Satinwood one--piece back and matching ribs, with 2-piece fine grained pine table. Neck veneered in ebony, with peghead faced on both sides with ebony. Branded 'Lacote a Paris' in the headstock face. Original set of tuning pegs, fingerboard flush with table, metal inset frets extending onto the body. Edges purfled with multiple whalebone/ebony bands.The finish is original, in remarkably good condition. Action very good with a fine sweet and very open tone. Barring- transverse bars, original, no cracks, only with the centre seam showing a slight opening behind the bridge, now repaired. This guitar has undergone a 'museum quality' total conservation programme, with full notes on the work that has taken place, and a full set of photographs showing the work in progress. Gut strings, original wooden fitted case. Price on enquiry, ( state where you are located please, for VAT/non VAT reasons, please), photos to post soon.

  • Brian Cohen, 2012 / 2013 steel string 'Martin 000-42 style' guitar, based on the Martin Eric Clapton, made from a beautiful Brazilian type figured maple, and mature aged spruce top, with Sperzl locking tuners into flat head with original style Martin type v-join to headstock, Hiscox case. This guitar was initiated for the filming for 'Searching for Sugerman', which won the 2013 Oscar for 'Best Documentary', and used in the background to filming scenes on a guitar being built, done in my studio during 2012. This guitar is the finished result. Enquire please, photos soon

  • Brian Cohen , 2011 / 2012 steel string 'Martin 000-42 style' guitar, based on the Martin Eric Clapton, made from a beautiful Brazilian type figured maple, and bear claw spruce top, handmade Alessi tuners into slotted head with original style Martin type v-join to headstock, Hiscox case. For details and photos, HERE

  • Other 19th C and 20th C guitars are available, and some are listed on my other website, SoundAntiques

  • Mandolins: We stock and sell many mandolins, as well as other unusual rare instruments: all information on these has now moved to another website, linked here: SoundAntiques Please visit this new website for details for all the mandolins and other rare instruments currently on offer. ( The list below remains, but links from here not active, while this transition takes place during March and April 2012)

    • Luigi Embergher, Orchestral model 1, in near perfect original condition, ready to play, with fitted case. Please enquire
    • Emanuele Egildo, Roman mandolin, (dated, signed and labelled,) fine and rare example, ready to play, for further details please enquire.
    • Roman Mandolin by Giacomo Gallessi, Rome, (b.1876): Branded on table, very similar to Embergher model 5 Orchestral, fluted maple back, fine rare example.
    • Raffaele Calace , good original conditon.
    • Calace mandolyra, very original, fluted back, under restoration, nearly completed- Enquire please
    • Calace Mandolin, 1936, good, under light restoration. Enquire
    • Unlabelled, probably Vinaccia, fluted maple back, highly decorative, perfect, orginal late 19th C. Enquire
    • Kisslinger, highly decorative, good model, with metal inlaid stringing on back. Enquire
    • Probably an American maker, unlabelled, the most perfect fine tulipwood model, highly decorated, late 19th C. Enquire
    • Many others, detailed list to follow- enquire please
    • Mandolins purchased, especially Embergher.

    Recently Sold

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